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A trip to the village

Our day began with the breakfast feeding program. At 6:15 every morning the convent offers soy milk to the children, breast feeding or pregnant mothers in the community. Also at this time, we gave out the clothes donated by parents, staff and friends of the St.Therese community. The women and children were in need of clothing and very grateful for the items they received.


After breakfast Father Luat and Sister Phuong took some of us for a tour of the local villlage. It was an eye opening experience, it gave us some perspective on the where the girls at the convent have come from and the importance of education for them. The people we met were so kind to let us into their homes and seemed very proud when showing us around. We even saw a few children dressed in the new clothes they had been given this morning.


Also Sister Trang is learning how to use the blog so that she can keep in touch with us when we leave. Stay tuned for more amusing posts and comments from her!

A musical Sunday

Sunday morning we attended mass at 7:00am. Later that morning we sadly said farewell to Melissa and Deb. Both Melissa and Deb are parents of children at St. Therese primary school. They came over to Kontum to run a health education program for the local women- it was a great success! They will be missed by the community.


The rest of the afternoon we spent completing some art and craft with the girls and helping them make some musical instruments. Click on the link to see some footage of the music they created with their new instruments.




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